Ebiya's Laboratory

装飾イラスト 装飾イラスト

EBILAB is an independent company
of the system development division of Ebiya,
which has a 150-year history in Oharai-cho, Ise Grand Shrine.

In addition to selling our solutions to other companies as tools of digital transformation,
We support the businesses and services of government and many kinds of companies.

See how TOUCH POINT BI, a store management tool originated from Ebiya, is being used.

TOUCHPOINT BIを利用するデバイスのイメージ

Case of Ebiya

Ebiya have been in business for 150 years near Ise Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture, Japan (currently four businesses: Ebiya restaurant, a gift shop, a food stall, and a facility for seminars and test marketing ).
Until almost a decade ago, we had managed sales by hand-cut meal coupons and abacuses, prepared ingredients and created workers' shifts releying on intuition.


4.4 times in 7 years


With TOUCH POINT BI, data is used to optimize purchasing, shifts, customer attraction measures, and product development, resulting in increased sales.

Cost per customer

tripled in 7 years


Analyzing customer data accumulated through AI and surveys, We develop high value-added menus and products that meet the needs of our customers.

Reduction of food waste

Doubled by about
72.8% in 7 years


Reduction of food waste by optimizing procurement and preparation based on data. Improved profitability and the ability to purchase better ingredients at fair prices.

Prediction accuracy rate


We analyze various data including big data on traffic counts, events, weather, store data such as number of customers, customer spending, best selling items, busy days/times, and last year's figures to predict the number of customers the next day, a week, or 45 days.

Overtime work


We can finish our work on time optimizing of operations in the result of promoting automation, manpower saving, and labor saving by making full use of data and tools.

Long vacation leave utilization rate


Based on data, we identify periods when the number of customers is low and encourage employees to take long vacations. We take this opportunities for refreshment and learning.


With clear guidelines in place, we can cut down wastefulness, and focus on hospitality.

At Ebiya, TOUCH POINT BI has been well used by the staff, who can operate it even if they are not familiar with IT and data analysis. At morning meetings, we make a clear guideline for the day obtaining the information from TOUCH POINT BI. Some staff says that the increased efficiency allows them to concentrate on hospitality. We are happy that TOUCH POINT BI's operability and functionality constantly evolve according to the feedback from users.

Ebiya Staff

Although TOUCH POINT BI development started at Ebiya,
it is not only for restaurants, but is it is also applicable to the service industry in general.
The system has evolved into a DX (Digital Transformation) system for restaurants and retail stores.
We also offer a choice of functions to meet the
various needs of our customers.