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PR / business innovation in virtual space

The PR effect is outstanding at virtual stores. You can experience the store with just one smartphone

Features of virtual store construction support

It can be a new point of contact for customers who cannot come to the store,
contributing to PR and increased sales.

The virtual store allows you to move freely around the store, giving you the experience of visiting the physical store.
It can be a new point of contact for customers who cannot come to the store, and it can also lead them to the e-commerce site, contributing to PR and increased sales. No special preparations are required as the existing store can be photographed.
In addition to stores, various buildings such as museums and factories can be photographed and modeled, enabling business innovation using virtual space.


We construct a virtual store on the web based on a 3D model of the store captured with a specialized camera.

Our services are available for many kinds of facilities incuding retail stores, depatment stores, and museums. Inside the 3D virtual store, we place tags to explain the products and facilitate customers to buy through the e-commerce stores connected to the virtual store.



Reach out to distant customers

Creating new contacts with customers who cannot come to the store

To enhance your
e-commerce site

Increase sales by linking virtual stores with
e-commerce sites


PR and media exposure through new Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives

greater customer satisfaction
through new experience with Virtual store

Price plans

We will make a proposal tailored to your situation. Please feel free to contact us

Flow from application to utilization

We will develop the product quickly and reliably to meet your company's requirements.

  • Application
  • Consultation
  • Photography
  • Model creation
  • Virtual Store Opening
    Maintenance Support
  • Realizing the benefits of
    virtual stores

Minimum 1 month from application

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