System Development Services



Development of an analysis platform customized to your company's situation

Building a data analysis platform that can visualize and analyze all kinds of data, including POS data and big data

Features of building a data analysis infrastructure

We have a variety of services which range from building cloud computing to analyzing and visualizing POS data.
We also offer original forecasting, data analysis, and OEM services.

Our data analysis platform is able to process noisy data so that anyone can understand it with ease.
Through our data analysis and forcasting solution, your company can take measures to increase sales consistently, cut conventional operational costs, and improve productivity.


Our solutions are customized and built according to the company's situation and needs.

For example, we can accumulate all kinds of data such as POS data, payment data, traffic volume data around stores, big data and open data managed by companies and local governments.
We can also develop original data analysis platforms, image analysis AI, and demand forecasting AI to meet your company's needs. We provide total support from data strategy planning to effectiveness verification.



Adding value to stored data

Utilization of big data managed by companies and local governments

Development tailored to your needs

Realization of data management through original analysis infrastructure, demand forecasting AI and image analysis functions

Improving productivity

Dramatically reduced the need for Excel analysis and increased the productivity of the entire organization

Build an analysis platform customized to your situation for
effective DX (Digital tranformation) and data management.

Price plans

We will make a proposal tailored to your situation. Please feel free to contact us

Flow from application to utilization

We will develop the product quickly and reliably to meet your company's requirements.

  • Application
  • Consultation
  • data collection
    • Sales data
    • number of customers
    • Traffic volume data
  • Data analysis infrastructure development
    • BI tool (Business Intelligence tool)
    • Forecasting model
  • Data Application Support
    Maintenance Support
  • Realizing the benefits of digital transformation

3 months to 1 year from application

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